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Psalm 147

Land of Rest
Land of Rest

1 O praise the LORD! How good it is

to sing him songs of praise! 

How pleasant to give thanks to him 

for all his gracious ways! 


2 The LORD builds up Jerusalem; 

and he it is alone

who reaches out to Israèl 

to bring the exiles home. 

3 He heals his people's broken hearts, 

restores the bruised and the lame. 

4 He sets the number of the stars

and calls them each by name. 

5 Great is our Lord and great in power; 

his wisdom is profound. 

6 The LORD sustains the meek, but casts

the wicked to the ground. 

7 Sing to the LORD with thankfulness; 

with joy his praise proclaim; 

and with the music of the harp 

give glory to his name. 

8 He clothes the vast expanse of heaven - 

the sky with clouds he fills; 

he makes the rain refresh the earth

and grass grow on the hills. 

9 He sees the beast that roam the fields

and feeds them when they call; 

the ravens' young cry out to him, 

and he supplies them all. 

10 In horses strong, equipped for war, 

the LORD takes no delight; 

Nor does he care for proud displays

of human power and might. 

11 the LORD takes pleasure in his saints

who worship him in fear, 

and those who trust his steadfast love

will always find him near. 

12 Extol the LORD, Jerusalem, 

Zion, your God confess. 

13 He makes secure your city gates, 

and those within he'll bless. 

14 the LORD will grant you peace within 

the borders of your land, 

and finest wheat will fill your fields

from his sustaining hand. 

15 To all the corners of the earth 

the LORD's commands proceed; 

For when he speaks, his word goes forth

through all the world with speed. 

16 He spreads the snow as wool, the frost

like ashes on the land. 

17 He hurls forth icy hail like stones: 

who can such cold withstand?

18 But when he sends his mighty word and makes the warm winds blow, 

the frozen waters start to melt 

and once again to flow. 

19 To Jacob God declared his word

and makes his doctrines known; 

His ordinance he reveals 

to Israèl alone. 

20 He has not dealt in such a way 

with any other race - 

to us alone he shows his laws. 

O praise the LORD of grace! 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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