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Psalm 9

St. Denio (2).png
St. Denio

1 Wholehearted thanksgiving to you I will bring;

In praise of your marvellous works I will sing.

2 For joy I will shout and exultantly cry
In praise of your glorious name, O Most High.


3 My enemies turn in disorderly flight;

They stumble and perish in face of your might.

4 For you have defended my right and my cause;

You sat in just judgment, upholding your laws.


5 You threatened the nations, the wicked destroyed;

Their names you erased and for ever made void.

6 My foes are disgraced and completely undone,

Their cities uprooted, their memory gone.


7 The LORD sits for ever as king on his throne;

His rule is established for justice alone.
8 He judges the world and he does what is right;

He governs the nations with justice and might.

9 The LORD is a stronghold in times of distress,
A refuge for those whom the wicked oppress.

10 Your people who know you will trust in your grace; You’ve never forsaken those seeking your face.


11 Praise God, who in Zion has founded his throne; Proclaim to the nations the deeds he has done.

12 The cry of afflicted ones rings in his ear;

Their blood he avenges, their plea he will hear.

13 LORD see what I suffer from malice and hate!

Have pity, and lift me away from death's gate, 

14 That I in Jerusalem's gates may proclaim

Your mercy, and sing to the praise of your name.

15 The nations are sunk in the pit they prepared; 

Their feet in the net which they hid are ensared. 

16 The LORD by his justice has made himself known; 

And by their own works are the wicked cast down.  

17 The Wicked return to the grave's dark abode, 

All nations and those who are heedless of God. 

18 But God will remember the cause of the weak; 

He will not perish the hope of the meek. 

19 Arise, O my God!  Let not man win the day; 

Let nations be judged in your presence, I pray.  

20 O LORD, strike the nations; put fear in their breast 

To teach them that they are but human at best.

Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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