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1 Do not fret on account of the wicked, 

do not envy the ones who do wrong; 

2 for like grass they will very soon wither, 

like green plants they will not flourish long. 

3 Put your trust in the LORD and be upright; 

then secure in the land you will live. 

4 Take delight in the LORD above all things - 

the desires of your heart he will give. 

5 To the LORD let your way be committed; 

trust in him - he will do what is right. 

6 Then your justice will shine like the morning, 

your just cause like the sun in its might. 

7 So be silent and seek the Lord's presence, 

and be patient until he replies; 

Do not fret when you see the successful, 

if their schemes are promoted through lies. 

8 Do not fret - it leads only to evil; 

keep your temper and stay far from wrath, 

9 For the wicked will certainly perish, 

while the godly inherit the earth. 

10 Yet a while, and the wicked will vanish; 

though you search, they will never be found. 

11 But the land will belong to the humble, 

and their welfare and peace will abound. 

12 Though the wicked may strike at the righteous, 

and may gnash their teeth wildly in hate; 

13 Yet the Lord simply laughs at the wicked, 

for he sees the approach of their fate.  

16 Though the righteous have little, it's better

than the riches of many unjust; 

17 For the wicked's great strength will be broken, 

but the LORD is the righteous one's trust. 

18  Day by day the LORD cares for the blameless,

so their heritage stands ever sure.

19 When a famine comes, they will have plenty;

and in drought they will always endure.


20 But the wicked will certainly perish;

they will vanish, as smoke blows away.

And the foes of the LORD will be scattered,

like the flower of the field in a day.


21 The ungodly retain what they borrow,

but the just give with generous hand.

22 For those blessed by the LORD will inherit,

while the cursed are cut off from the land.

23 If the LORD takes delight in a person,

he will render his steps firm and sure

24 Though he stumble, he will not fall headlong, 

for the LORD's hand will keep him secure.  

25 All my life I have not seen the righteous

left forsaken, or begging for food. 

26 They are always prepared to lend freely 

and their children will share what is good. 

27 If you turn back from sin and act rightly,

you’ll continue for ever secure;

28 For the LORD shows his love to the righteous;

those who trust him he’ll keep safe and sure.


The obedient will not be forsaken,

but the line of the wicked will fail.

29 To the righteous the land will be given,

and for ever in it they will dwell.


30 From the mouth of the righteous comes wisdom;

words of justice proceed from their lips.

31 For the law of his God is within them

and ensures that their foot never slips.


32 The unjust lie in wait for the righteous; 

to destroy them is always their thought. 

33 But the LORD will not let them be mastered,

or condemned when to court they are brought.


34 Put your trust in the LORD, I exhort you;

in his ways you should always remain.

To inherit the land he’ll exalt you;

you will see when the wicked are slain.


35 I have witnessed a ruthless man standing

like a flourishing tree in its ground;

36 But he soon passed away and was nothing;

though I searched, he was not to be found.


37 Watch the blameless, consider the upright;

there’s a future for those who make peace.

38 But destruction awaits the rebellious,

and their future will suddenly cease.


39 From the LORD comes the hope of the righteous,

and in trouble defence for the meek;

40 So the LORD saves them all from the wicked,

for in him their protection they seek.


Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland.

Melody and harmony Copyright Free Church of Scotland.

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