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Psalm 68


1. May God arise, and may his foes

Be scattered far and put to flight.

2  As smoke is blown before the wind,

So may your foes be blown from sight:

As wax is melted by the fire
May they before God’s wrath expire.


3  But may the righteous all be glad;

May they rejoice and sing aloud.

4  Sing praise to God, sing to his name;

Extol the One who rides the cloud;

For he alone is named the LORD—

With joy all praise to him accord.


5  A father to the fatherless,
Of widows’ rights the champion,

Is God within his holy place;

6  He gives a home to the forlorn.
He leads the captives forth with song;

To rebels barren wastes belong.


7  When you, O God, went out and led
Your people through the desert plain—

When through the wilderness you marched,

8  Earth shook and heaven poured down rain

Before the God of Sinai’s hill,
Before the God of Israèl.

9 O God, with showers you refreshed

Your heritage so dry and bare.

10  And so your people settled down

And made their habitation there.

And from your overflowing store

You made provision for the poor.

11  The Lord announced his sovereign word;

A mighty crowd took up the shout,
And many women spread the news:

12  “See kings and armies put to rout!

They leave the fruits of battle’s toil;

At home the women share the spoil.

13  “Although in open camp you sleep,

Adorned with silver are your wings;

My dove, your feathers shine like gold.”

14  When God Almighty scattered kings,

The land became like Zalmon steep,

When on its slopes the snow lies deep.


15  See Bashan’s mountains rising high;

Steep and majestic are its hills.

16  Why view in envy, rugged heights,
The hill where God for ever dwells?
The mountain where he chose to reign—

There will the LORD himself remain.


17  The mighty chariots of God
In tens of thousands now appear;

Surrounded by unnumbered hosts,

The Lord himself is drawing near.

From Sinai he has come to fill
His sanctuary on Zion hill.

18 When you ascended up on high,
You led out captives after you.
From people you accepted gifts,
From those who once were rebels too.

And so, O LORD God, you have come

To dwell in Zion as your home.

19  Praise to the Lord, our Saviour God;

Our burdens daily he relieves.

20  Of our salvation he is God;
Truly he is the God who saves.
The Sovereign LORD defeats the grave;

He has the power from death to save.


21  The Lord will crush his enemies’ heads,

The skulls of those who practise sin.

22  “From Bashan I will bring them down,

And from the sea’s depths bring them in,

23  That you may plunge your feet in blood, Which dogs will lick up as their food.”

24  The great procession comes in view—

The entry of my God and King
Into the holy sanctuary.

25  Leading them all are those who sing;

Then girls with tambourines appear;

Musicians follow in the rear.


26  In the assembly praise the LORD

And let God’s praise be heard among

The gathered tribes of Israèl.

27  See Judah’s princes in a throng,

In front the tribe of Benjamin,

Then Naphtali and Zebulun.


28  Summon your glorious power, O God;

Show us the strength at your command,

As you have done for us of old.

29  The kings of earth, from every land,

Will bring their gifts to you in fear,

And worship at your temple here.


30  Rebuke the beast from Egypt’s reeds,

The bulls with calves from every land;

May they with shame their tribute bring.

Disperse the tribes that war demand.

31  Let Egypt’s envoys come to God,
And Cush bow down before the LORD.


32  O realms of earth, sing to the Lord,

To him who has his throne on high;

All kingdoms, join in praise to God,

33  Whose chariot rides the ancient sky. Listen! As he sends out his word,
A mighty thundering is heard.


34  Proclaim the mighty power of God,

Whose glory shines on Israèl;
His strength is awesome in the heavens

35  And in the place he comes to dwell.
His people, Isr’el, God will raise
To strength and might. To God be praise!

Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland.

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