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Psalm 12 (Tune - Kildonan)

Help, LORD, because the godly have quite vanished, and faithful folk we can no longer see.

2 Each one tells falsehood even to his neighbour;

with flattering lips they speak deceitfully.


3 Now may the LORD cut off all lips which flatter,

and every tongue which speaks with boastful word.

4 Such people say, “We with our tongues will triumph; we own our lips—who then can be our lord?”


5 “Because the weak have suffered great oppression, and I have heard the needy’s groaning cries,

Now I will guard them from those who malign them.

To help them,” says the LORD, “I will arise.”

6 The words proceeding from the LORD are flawless,

as pure as silver which by fire is tried,

Like silver which, when molten in a furnace,

from it emerges sev’n times purified.


7 O LORD, you will preserve us safe for ever

and from this evil age keep us secure;

8 For here the wicked strut about quite freely,

and praise is giv’n to all that is impure.

Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms', Copyright Free Church of Scotland

Harmony and Melody Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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