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Psalm 116 (Sing Psalms)

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1 I love the LORD because he heard my voice; 

He listened when I cried to him for aid. 

2 I'll call on him as long as I shall live, 

Because he turned to hear me when I prayed. 

3 The cords of death gripped and entangled me, 

Upon me came the anguish of the grave; 

With grief and trouble I was overcome. 

4 Then on the name of God I called: "LORD, save!"

5 The LORD our God is kind and full of grace; 

Both righteous and compassionate is he. 

6 The LORD protects all those of childlike faith; 

when I was in great need, he rescued me. 

7 Rest, O my sou; God has been good to you - 

8 For you, O LORD, have saved my soul from death, 

My feet from stumbling and my eyes from tears, 

9 That I may live for you while I have breath. 

10 I trusted in the LORD and then I spoke; 

I said in anguish: "I am sorely tried". 

11 And in the very depths of my dismay, 

"All men are liars - every one!" I cried.

12 How can I thank the LORD for all he's done?

13 With gratitude salvation's cup I'll raise; 

14 I'll call upon his name, and will fulfil

My vows to him before his people's face. 

15 The LORD holds dear the death of all his saints. 

16 Hear me, O LORD! I am your servant true; 

I am your servant and your handmaid's son, 

And from my chains I have been freed by you. 

17 Thank-off'rings I will sacrifice to you 

and call upon the name of God the LORD. 

18 When all his people in assembly meet, 

With joy I will fulfil my solemn word. 

Before his people I will keep my vows, 

19 Within the courts of our God's holy place, 

Within the city of Jerusalem. 

Unto the LORD alone be all the praise! 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

Psalm 116 (Scottish Psalter)

Prince Edward Island (different lyrics)

1 I love the LORD, because my voice

and prayers he did hear. 

2 I, while I live, will call on him, 

who bowed to me his ear. 

3 Of death the cords and sorrows did 

about me compass round;

The pains of hell took hold on me, 

I grief and trouble found. 

4 Upon the name of God the LORD

then did I call, and say, 

Deliver thou my soul, O LORD, 

I do thee humbly pray. 

5 GOD merciful and righteous is, 

yea, gracious is our LORD. 

6 GOD saves the meek: I was brought low, 

he did me help afford. 

7 O thou my soul, do thou return 

unto thy quiet rest; 

For largely lo, the LORD to thee

his bounty hath expressed.

8 For my distressèd soul from death

delivered was by thee:
Thou didst my mourning eyes from tears,

my feet from falling, free.

9 I in the land of those that live

will walk the LORD before.
10 I did believe, therefore I spake:

I was afflicted sore.


11 I said, when I was in my haste,

that all men liars be.
12 What shall I render to the LORD

for all his gifts to me?


13 I'll of salvation take the cup,
on GOD's name will I call:
14 I'll pay my vows now to the LORD

before his people all.


15 Dear in GOD's sight is his saints' death.

16 Thy servant, LORD, am I;
Thy servant sure, thine handmaid's son:

my bands thou didst untie.


17 Thank-off `rings I to thee will give,

and on GOD's name will call.
18 I'll pay my vows now to the LORD

before his people all;


19 Within the courts of GOD's own house,

within the midst of thee,
O city of Jerusalem.
Praise to the LORD give ye.

Music source: From the album 'Sounds from Loch a Tuath', recorded at Back Free Church. (Released December 2013)

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