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Psalm 5


1 O LORD, give ear to what I say;

think on me as I sigh,

2 And listen, O my King and God,

As I plead earnestly for help,

because to you I cry.


3 At dawning of the day, O LORD,

you listen to my plea;

As morning light returns again,

I lay before you my requests

and wait expectantly.

4 For you are not a God who will

in evil take delight;

With you the wicked cannot dwell,

5 Nor can the proud and boastful stay

one moment in your sight.

You hate all those who practise wrong,

6 and liars you destroy.

These are the ones the LORD abhors—

All who go thirsting after blood

and who deceit employ.


7 But by your mercy and your grace to your house I’ll draw near;

I will bow down in reverence Towards your holy temple, LORD,

and worship you in fear.

8 LORD, lead me in your righteousness

or I will go astray

Because of all my enemies;

Make straight the path in front of me,

and guide me in your way.


9 No word that issues from their mouth

can anyone believe;

Destructive thoughts control their heart.

Their throat is like an open grave;

their tongue speaks to deceive.


10 O God, declare their guilt; let them

by their own schemes be caught.

Expel them from your presence, LORD,

For in committing many sins

rebellion they have wrought.

11 But let all those who flee to you

rejoice with confidence;

Let them at all times sing for joy.

Spread your protection over them

and be their strong defence.

So those who truly love your name

will give a joyful shout.

12 Surely you bless the righteous, LORD;

Your favour keeps them safe from harm

and shields them round about.

Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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