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Earnest Prayer (Tune 183) - Copyright.png
Earnest Prayer

1 O hear my prayer, LORD; 

my cry for mercy heed. 

In truth and righteousness

Draw near to meet my need. 

2 And do not judge me in your sight 

for in your presence none is right

3 The foes has founded me 

and crushed me to the ground, 

in darkness made me dwell, 

Like those in death long bound. 

4 And so my spirit is afraid; 

my heart within me is dismayed. 

5 Therefore I call to mind

the days and years long gone; 

I ponder all your works

and what your hands have done.

6 To you in prayer I spread my hands; 

for you I thirst, like arid lands. 

7 My spirit fails, O LORD; 

come quickly to my side. 

Hide not your face from me, 

Lest to the pit I slide. 

8 Let morning bring your love anew, 

For I have put my trust in you. 

To you I lift my soul; 

Show me the way to go. 

9 I hide myself in you; 

LORD, save me from my foe. 

10 My God, teach me to do your will; 

May your good Spirit lead me still. 

11 For your great mercy's sake, 

O LORD, preserve my life; 

And in your righteousness

Deliver me from strife. 

12 In love, put all my foes to shame; 

Destroy them, for I bear your name. 


Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland

Harmony and Melody Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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