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Psalm 106

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1 Praise the LORD! Extol his goodness! 

for his love endures always. 

2 Who can tell his mighty actions, 

or in full declare his praise? 

3 Blessed are those whose way is right, 

acting justly in his sight. 

4 When you show your people favour, 

then, O LORD, remember me. 

Help me when you come to save them; 

5 Let me know prosperity - 

joyful with your chosen race, 

joining them in giving praise. 

6 We have sinned just like our fathers; 

we have done what was not right. 

7 When our fathers were in Egypt

they despised your deeds of might. 

All your mercies they ignored - 

at the Red Sea spurned the LORD. 

8 Yet for his name's sake he saved them

and revealed his mighty hand. 

9 By his word the Sea he parted, 

led them through as on dry land - 

10 From the hand of foes set free, 

rescued from the enemy. 


11 Then their adversaries foundered; 

not a single one survived. 

12 So the people sang his praises, 

and his promises believed; 

13 But his works they soon forgot, 

and his counsel set at nought. 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

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