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Psalm 73

Suilven (Tune 295) - Copyright.png

17 But then I came into God's holy place

and understood their final destiny. 

18 Surely you place their feet on slippery ground;  

19 How quickly their destruction comes about, 

as terror grips them, sweeping them away! 

20 O Lord, as one awaking from a dream, 

you'll rise and scorn them as a fantasy. 

21 When in my heart I was consumed with grief, 

and when my soul was filled with bitterness, 

22 Then I was like a brute beast in your sight, 

So full of ignorance and foolishness. 

23 Yet I remain with you continually; 

By my right hand you hold me as my guide. 

24 You'll lead me with your counsel to the end

and take me into glory to abide. 

25 In heavèn whom have I but you alone? 

On earth there's no one else whom I adore. 

26 Although my heart may fail and flesh grow weak, 

God is my strength and portion evermore. 

27 Those who are far from you will be cut down; 

All those who are unfaithful you destroy. 

28 But I'll draw near and shelter in my God; 

Your deeds, O LORD, I will recount with joy. 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms' Copyright Free Church of Scotland

Harmony and Melody Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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