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14 But as for me, I trust you, LORD; 

I say, "You are my God alone." 

15 My times are ever in your hands; 

Save me from foes who hunt me down. 

16 Upon your servant shine your face; 

Save me in your unfailing love. 

17 LORD, let me not be put to shame, 

For I have cried to God above. 

But let the wicked suffer shame

And silent in the grave abide. 

18 Suppress the lying lips which speak 

Against the just with haughty pride. 

19 Your goodness, LORD, is very great - 

prepared for those who fear your name. 

You show your goodness openly

To all who your protection claim

20 Your presence hides and shelters them

From those who plot to take their life, 

And in your tent you keep them safe

From evil tongues that stir up strife. 

21 The LORD be praised because he showed 

The wonder of his love to me, 

When in a city I was trapped, 

Surrounded by the enemy. 

22 In my alarm I rashly said

that I was hidden from your eyes; 

But when I called to you for help, 

In grace you listened to my cries. 

23 O love the LORD, all you his saints! 

The faithful will be kept by God, 

But he will give the proud their due. 

24 Be strong, take heart; hope in the LORD.  

Lyrics from "Sing Psalms". Copyright Free Church of Scotland.  

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