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Psalm 4

Psalm 13 (Bays of Harris)

O hear my cry, my righteous God.

Relieve me; I’m distressed.

Display your mercy to me now,

and answer my request.


2 The glory of my name, O men,

how long will you despise?

How long will you delude yourselves,

still searching after lies?


3 Know that the LORD has set apart

the godly as his own;

The LORD will hear me when I call

and my request make known. 


4 In anger do not break God’s law;

consider and be still.

5 Present a righteous sacrifice,

and wait upon his will.

6 “O who can show us any good?”

I hear so many say.

O LORD, shine on us with your light;

show us your face, I pray.


7 You filled my heart with greater joy

than others may have found

As they rejoiced at harvest time,

when grain and wine abound.


8 I will lie down and sleep in peace;

my heart will rest secure,

For you alone, O gracious LORD,

will keep me safe and sure.

Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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