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1 O praise, you servants of the LORD; 

Sing praises to his holy name. 

2 O blessèd be the name of God; 

His praise for evermore proclaim. 

3 From east to west the praise of God

Each day is to be spread abroad.  

4 The LORD is high above the earth, 

His glory far above the sky. 

5 Who else is like the LORD our God, 

The one who sits enthroned on high? 

6 He is the one who stoops down lo

to look on heav'n and earth below. 

7 He raises outcasts from the dust 

and from the ash-heap lifts the poor, 

8 Exalting them in dignity, 

with noblemen to sit secure. 

9 the childless woman he'll reward

with home and children. Praise the LORD!

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

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