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Psalm 45(a)

Ballerma (Tune 28).png

10 O daughter, listen and give ear, 

consider what I say; 

You must forget your father's house, 

your people far away. 


11 Because your beauty is so great, 

the king is held in thrall. 

He is your lord; give him respect, 

before him humbly fall. 


12 Inhabitants of Tyre will come

to offer gifts to you; 

And wealthy people will approach

your favour to pursue.


13 In glorious gold-embroidered robes

the princess waits within;

14 In richly ornamented clothes

she's brought before the king. 

Attendant maidens follow her

And so to you are led; 

15 They enter and with great delight

the palace courts they tread. 

16 In places where your fathers stood

your sons will take their stand; 

You'll make them princes of the realm

to rule throughout the land. 

17 I will perpetuate your fame

through everlasting days; 

Therefore the nations of the world 

will ever sing your praise.  

Psalm 46

A Mighty Fortress (Tune 248).png
A Mighty Fortress / Ein' Feste Burg

1 God is our strength and refuge sure; 

An ever-present help is he

When troubled days we must endure.

2 Therefore from fear our hearts are free, 

Though earthquakes move the world, 

And hills 'midst seas be hurled, 

3 Though waters of the deep

in turmoil roar and leap - 

Though breakers shake the mountains steep.

4 A river flows whose waters clear

Make glad the city of our God - 

the consecrated city where 

the LORD Most High has his abode. 

5 God dwells within her wall, 

And so she will not fall; 

No trouble can her move

for God her help will prove

When morning light dawns from above. 

6 The kingdoms shake, the nations fret; 

He lifts his voice, earth melts away. 

7 The LORD of hosts is with us yet; 

the God of Jacob is our stay. 

8 Come then, let all draw near

and view with holy fear

the works, surpassing thought, 

the LORD alone has wrought. 

What ruin he on earth has brought! 

9 To earth's remotest bounds he turns

wars into peace: he snaps the spear; 

He breaks the bow; the shield he burns. 

10 Know I am God; be still and fear. 

Among the nations I 

will be exalted high; 

on earth I will hold sway. 

"The LORD's with us," we say.

The God of Jacob is our stay.

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

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