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1 At all times I will bless the LORD; 

I'll praise him with my voice. 

2 Because I glory in the LORD, 

let troubled souls rejoice. 

3 Together let us praise the LORD; 

exalt his name with me. 

4 I sought the LORD; his answer came: 

from fears he set me free. 

5 They look to him and shine with joy;

they are not put to shame. 

6 This suffering man cried to the LORD; 

from him deliverance came. 

7 The angel of the LORD surrounds

and guards continually 

All those who fear and honour him; 

he sets his people free.  

8 Come, taste and see - the LORD is good; 

who trusts in him is blessed. 

9 O fear the LORD, you saints; with need

you will not be oppressed.


10 Young lions may grow weak and faint

and hunger for their food, 

But those who wait upon the LORD

will not lack any good. 


11 Come here, my children! Gather round

and listen to my word; 

And I will help you understand 

how you may fear the LORD. 


12 Does anyone delight in life 

and long to see good days? 

13 Then keep your tongue from evil speech

your lips from lying ways.   

14 Depart and turn from evil paths 

and practice what is right. 

Desire to know the way of peace; 

pursue it with your might. 

15 The LORD's eyes are upon the just; 

he listens to their plea. 

16 The wicked he rejects, and blots

from earth their memory. 

17 The righteous cry; the LORD responds

and frees them when distressed. 

18 The LORD draws near the broken heart

and rescues the depressed. 

19 From all the troubles of the just 

the LORD will set him free. 

20 the LORD protects his every bone; 

and broken none will be. 

21 The wicked are condemned to death, 

all those who hate the just. 

22 God saves his own, they're not condemned, 

for in the LORD they trust. 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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