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Psalm 105


1 Give thanks to the LORD God and call on his name; 

His wonderful deeds to the nations proclaim. 

2 Sing praises to him and his exploits record; 

3 Let all those who seek him rejoice in the LORD. 

4 You chosen ones, look to the LORD and his might; 

5 Seek ever his face and his wonders recite, 

His miracles too, and his judgments divine - 

6 You children of Abraham, Jacob's own line. 

7 The LORD is our God, and he rules all the earth. 

8 Rememb'ring his cov'nant - the word he set forth - 

He vowed, for the ages to come, to make good 

9 His promise to Abr'ham, to Isaac renewed. 

10 To Jacob's his sov'reign decree was made sure; 

with Isr'el his cov'nant would always endure: 

11 "To you I will give, as your portion to stand, 

the country of Canaan, the beautiful land." 

12 When they were no more than a wandering few, 

In number restricted, and foreigners too, 

13 From nation to nation, they travelled around; 

wherever they wandered, no rest could be found. 

14 He would not permit that his folk be oppressed; 

for his chosen ones' sake mighty kings he addressed: 

15 "Touch not anointed - to me they belong; 

Respect my own prophets and do them no wrong." 

16 the LORD called down famine upon the whole land; 

Their food was destroyed at his sovereign command. 

17 But he sent beforehand, his people to save, 

his chosen one, Joseph, sold off as a slave.  

18 His feet within shackles of bronze were confined, 

his neck put in irons; his freedom he pined. 

19 The word of the LORD was a test to be passed

Till what he foretold was accomplished at last.  

20 The king sent an order to let him go free; 

the ruler of nations gave him liberty. 

21 He put him in charge of his house and his lands; 

22 His princes and elders obeyed his commands. 

23 Then Israel came down into Egypt to stay, 

In Ham's land to sojourn for many a day. 

24 The LORD caused his people to prosper and grow, 

and so they were seen as a threat to their foe. 

25 He turned the Egyptians against Israèl,

and caused them to plot his own servants to kill. 

26  Then Moses and Aaron, his chosen, he sent; 

27 Performing his wonders, to Egypt they went. 


28 Because the Egyptians despised his command, 

He sent utter darkness to cover the land

29 Their waters and rivers he turned into blood; 

the fish of the Nile were destroyed by the LORD. 


30 Their land teemed with frogs, which invaded their rooms; 

31 At his word swarms of flies and of gnats filled their homes.

32 The rain became hail and the lightning bolts flashed; 

33 He struck down their vines, and their fig trees were smashed. 


34 He spoke, and the locusts and grasshoppers came; 

35 and every green thing was consumed as by flame. 

36 And then he took vengeance on all the first-born - 

the firstfruits of manhood of Egypt were gone. 


37 He brought Isr'el out, bearing silver and gold; 

Their tribes all marched forwards both steadfast and bold. 

38 Then Egypt was joyful to see them depart, 

For terror of them had laid hold of their heart. 


39 He spread out a cloud to protect them from sight, 

and fire to illumine the hours of the night. 

40 They asked, and with quails were abundantly fed; 

He filled them with manna, the heavenly bread. 


41 He opened the rock to give waters to them, 

And there in the desert it flowed like a stream - 

42 Because he remembered the promise he swore 

to Abr'ham his servant, long ages before. 


43 He brought out his chosen ones, shouting with joy; 

44 He granted to them without toil to enjoy

45 The lands of the nations - that they might regard 

His laws and his precepts.  All praise to the LORD! 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

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