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Psalm 69

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1 Save me, O God, because the mighty waters

have come up to my neck on every side. 

2 I sink in miry depths without a foothold; 

I am engulfed beneath the deep floodtide.

3 My throat is parched; I'm weary from my shouting; 

My eyes fail, looking to my God for aid. 

4 For those who hate and loathe me without reason

are more than all the hairs upon my head. 

Without a cause my foes seek to destroy me; 

I have to pay back what I did not steal. 

5 But as for you, O God, you know my folly; 

my guiltiness from you I can't conceal. 

6 May those who hope in you, the LORD Almighty, 

not be disgraced on my account, O God; 

May those who seek your face, O God of Israel, 

not suffer shame because of me, O Lord. 


7 For your sake, LORD, I must endure derision; 

my face is covered with contempt and shame. 

8 Even my brothers do not recognize me; 

to mother's sons a stranger I became. 


9 Because devotion to your house consumes me, 

those who insult you turn their taunts on me; 

10 And when I mourn with tears of grief and fasting, 

I must endure their scorn continually.  

Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland.

Harmony and Melody Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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