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Psalm 22

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22 Now to my brothers I'll declare 

the praise of your glorious name; 

within their gathering I will stand

and your renown I will proclaim. 

23 Praise him, all you that fear the LORD; 

Give honour to him, Jacob's race. 

All Isr'el's children, worship him; 

Bow down with awe before his face.  


24 He has not scorned the suffering

which on the afflicted one is laid; 

He did not hide his face from him, 

But listened to his cry for aid. 

25 You are the theme of all my praise

within the great assembly, LORD; 

Before all those who fear your name

I will fulfil my solemn word. 

26 The poor will eat and will be filled

and those who seek the LORD will give 

A shout of joyful praise to him. 

O may your hearts for ever live! 

27 The whole earth will remember him

and turn towards the LORD their God. 

All peoples will bow down to him - 

the nations of the world abroad. 

28 Dominion to the LORD belongs 

and over nations he is king. 

29 The rich of all the earth will feast

And worship with an offering. 

All those who destiny is dust 

will humbly kneel before his throne; 

they cannot keep themselves alive, 

For they depend on him along. 

30 Posterity will serve the LORD; 

31 and generation still to come 

will tell a people yet unborn 

the righteous acts that he has done.  

Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland.

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