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1 LORD, who may stay within your tent, 

your sacred dwelling place? 

And who upon your holy hill 

may live before your face? 

2 Whoever walks a blameless path, 

who acts in righteousness, 

And who will always from the heart

sincerely truth express. 

3 He casts no slur on anyone 

nor does his neighbour wrong; 

He has no spite within his heart

or slander on his tongue.  

4 He honours those who fear the LORD; 

the worthless he'll despise. 

He keeps the oath which he has sworn, 

however high the price.  

5 He lends his money at no charge

no bribe can he endure. 

Those who behave in life like this

will always stand secure.  

Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms', Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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