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Psalm 66


1 Shout loud with joy to God;

all earth, your chorus raise!

2 Sing loud the honour of his name

and glorious make his praise!


3 Speak thus to God the Lord:

“How great your works of power!

So overwhelming is your might

that foes before you cower.

4 “All earth bows down to you;

they sing aloud your fame.

They never cease to celebrate

the glory of your name.”


5 Come, see what God has done,

his mighty works of old,

His deeds towards the human race - 

how awesome to behold! 

7 With might and power he rules; 

on nations sets his eyes.  

So let not rebels in their pride 

against him turn and rise. 

8 O peoples, praise our God; 

his praise in song repeat. 

9 He has preserved our soul alive, 

from slipping kept our feet.


10 You tested us, O God, 

as silver is refined. 

11 You laid sore burdens on our backs; 

in chains we were confined. 


12 You let us be oppressed; 

we went through flood and fire. 

But yet you brought us to a place

which met our hearts' desire. 

13 With whole burnt offerings

your temple courts I'll tread; 

I will fulfil my vows to you - 

the promises I made. 

14 I'll keep the vows I made

when trouble came my way; 

15 Rams, bulls and goats I'll sacrifice

and on your altar lay. 

16 Come, All who fear our God; 

I'll tell what he has done.

17 I cried out to him with my mouth; 

his praise was on my tongue.  

18 If I had cherished sin, 

the Lord would not have heard; 

19 But surely when I prayed to him

God listened to my word. 

20 For ever God be praised, 

who hears me from above; 

He has not turned away my prayer

or kept from me his love.

Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland.

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