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Psalm 32

1 How blessed the one who have received 

forgiveness for his sin!

2 Whose sins are covered from God's face, 

Whose debt is cancelled in God's grace; 

there's no deceit in him. 

3 When I kept silent, all my bones

with groaning were worn out.

4 Beneath your hand I felt entrapped

Both day and night, my strength was sapped

as in a summer drought. 

5 Then I laid bare my sin to you, 

the guilt that lay within.

I said, "O LORD, I have transgressed" - 

and you forgave when I confessed; 

you pardoned all my sin. 

6 So let the godly pray to you 

while you are to be found. 

Surely when waves are sweeping past

and mighty waters rising fast, 

you'll keep them safe and sound. 

7 You are my hiding-place, O LORD, 

my true security.

You keep me safe in troubled days;

You circle me with joyful praise 

when you have set me free. 

8 I will instruct you by my word 

and guide you in my way. 

My counsel I will give to you; 

my eye will keep your path in view

and watch you day by day.


9 Do not be like the horse or mule 

which cannot understand; 

they must be curbed and kept in check

as bit and bridle turn their neck, 

to go where you command. 


10 The wicked's woes will much increase; 

but those who trust the LORD

His cov'nant mercy will surround. 

11 You righteous, let your joy abound

and praise the LORD your God.   

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

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