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Psalm 92


1 How good it is to praise the LORD, 

to sing a joyful song, 

And to your name, O God Most High, 

make music all day long; 

2 To show your love when morning comes, 

your faithfulness at night, 

3 With music of stringed instruments

your praises to recite. 

4 For by your mighty deeds, O LORD, 

you make my spirit glad; 

I sing for joy, when I survey

the works your hands have made. 

5 How great are all your works, O LORD, 

your thoughts, how deep and grand!

6 The senseless one does not perceive, 

fools do not understand

7 Although the wicked spring like grass, 

the foolish do not see

That all who flourish in their sin

will die eternally. 

8 But, LORD, you are for evermore

exalted very high. 

9 All evildoers will be crushed; 

your foes will surely die. 

10 You made me strong as any ox, 

with oil anointed me. 

11 I've seen my enemies' defeat. 

and I have heard them flee. 

12 Like psalm and cedars flourishing

the righteousness all will be, 

13 And planted in the house of God, 

will grow abundantly. 

14 So in old age they still bear fruit; 

they will stay fresh and strong. 

15 They will proclaim: "The LORD is just- 

my Rock, who does no wrong." 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

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