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1 LORD, not to us, O not to us - 

to your name be the praise, 

Because your love and faithfulness

endure, O LORD, always. 

2 Why do the nations questions us? 

"Where is their God?" they say.

3 Our God inhabits heaven high

and over all holds sway. 

4 Their gold and silver images

are crafted carefully, 

5 But they have mouths which cannot speak, 

and eyes which cannot see. 

6 Their noses have no sense of smell; 

their ears can hear no sound. 

7 They have no feeling in their hands, 

nor can they walk around. 

Although these idols do have throats, 

no word can they proclaim. 

8 Their makers and their worshippers

will all become like them. 

9 O house of Isr'el, place your trust

upon the LORD alone; 

He is the mighty help and shield

of all who are his own. 

10 O house of Aaron, trust the LORD; 

he is their help and shield. 

11 All you who fear him, trust the LORD; 

he is your help and shield

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

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