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1 LORD, not to us, O not to us - 

to your name be the praise, 

Because your love and faithfulness

endure, O LORD, always. 

2 Why do the nations questions us? 

"Where is their God?" they say.

3 Our God inhabits heaven high

and over all holds sway. 

4 Their gold and silver images

are crafted carefully, 

5 But they have mouths which cannot speak, 

and eyes which cannot see. 

6 Their noses have no sense of smell; 

their ears can hear no sound. 

7 They have no feeling in their hands, 

nor can they walk around. 

Although these idols do have throats, 

no word can they proclaim. 

8 Their makers and their worshippers

will all become like them. 

9 O house of Isr'el, place your trust

upon the LORD alone; 

He is the mighty help and shield

of all who are his own. 

10 O house of Aaron, trust the LORD; 

he is their help and shield. 

11 All you who fear him, trust the LORD; 

he is your help and shield

12 The LORD remembers Israel

and he will bless us all—

The house of Aaron and all those

13 who fear him, great and small.

14 May God the LORD make you increase— both you and all your line.

15 May you be blessed by God, who makes

all things by his design.


16 The highest heavens belong to God;

the earth to us he gave.

17 It’s not the dead who praise the LORD; they’re silent in the grave.

18 But we extol the LORD on high,

his majesty proclaim.

Both now and evermore exalt

and praise his holy name!

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

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