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Psalm 98

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1 O sing a new song to the LORD, 

for wonders he has done; 

His right hand and his holy arm

the victory have won. 

2 The LORD declared his saving work 

and made it to be known; 

To all the nations of the world

his righteousness is shown. 

3 His steadfast love and faithfulness

he has remembered well - 

The covenant he made with them, 

the house of Israèl. 

And all the nations of the earth 

have seen what God has done - 

Our God who brings deliverance 

by his right hand alone. 

4 Acclaim the LORD, O all the earth; 

shout loudly and rejoice. 

Make music and be jubilant; 

to him lift up your voice. 

5 With harp make music to the LORD; 

with harp his praises sing. 

6 With trumpet and with horn rejoice

before the LORD, the king. 

7 Let earth, the sea and all in them 

rejoice triumphantly . 

8 Let stream clap hands and mountains sing

together joyfully. 

9 Now let them sing before the LORD, 

who comes to judge the earth; 

He'll judge the world in righteousness, 

the peoples in his truth.  

Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland.

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