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Psalm 78

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32 Still they disbelieved his wonders, 

kept on sinning nonetheless. 

33 So he closed their days in terror

and their years in emptiness. 

34 When he punished them, they turned, 

and with zeal for him they burned. 

35 God their Rock they then remembered, 

their Redeemer, God Most High; 

36 But their words were meant to flatter, 

what they told him was a lie. 

37 In their hearts they were untrue; 

from his cov'nant they withdrew.  

38 Yet in mercy he forgave them; 

from destruction he refrained. 

Many times he curbed his anger 

and his utmost wrath restrained. 

39 That they were but flesh, he knew - 

like a passing breeze that blew

40 How they grieved him in the desert, 

ever ready to rebel - 

41 Vexed the Holy One and tested

the great God of Israèl!

42-43 They forgot his wonders shown 

to them in the fields of Zoan.

They forgot his signs in Egypt, 

when from hardship they were saved, 

44 When to blood he turned its river, 

making foul the drink they craved. 

45 God sent swarms of flies to bite, 

hordes of frogs their land to blight. 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms' Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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