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1 To you I call, O LORD my Rock; 

Do not be deaf to my loud cry. 

I'll be like those gone down to death 

If you are silent in reply.  

2 Receive my plea for mercy, LORD, 

As now I call to you for grace, 

As i lift up my hands in prayer

And look to your Most Holy Place. 

3 O drag me not away with those

Who practice wickedness and sin, 

Who kindly to their neighbours speak 

But harbour malice deep within. 

4 Repay them for their evil deeds

And for their acts of wickedness; 

Bring back on them what they deserve

And punish their unrighteousness.

5 Because the LORD's works they despise

and treat his actions with disdain, 

In justice he will tear them down 

and never build them up again. 

6 Praise to the LORD, for he has heard

The plea for mercy which I made. 

7 He is my strength, he is my shield; 

I trust in him who send me aid. 

My heart uplifted leaps for joy; 

My thanks to him I gladly sing. 

8 The LORD God is his people's strength, 

A saving fortress for his king. 

9 LORD, save your people, your own flock; 

Be pleased your heritage to bless. 

Be their good shepherd; carry them 

Forever in your faithfulness. 

Lyrics from "Sing Psalms". Copyright Free Church of Scotland.  

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