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1 I'll praise you, LORD, with all my heart; 

Before the gods I'll sing your praise. 

2 I'll bow towards your holy place

and bless your holy name always. 

I'll praise you for your faithfulness

and for your cov'nant love, O LORD, 

For over all things you have raised

Your holy name and faithful word. 

3 The very day I called to you, 

You gave an answer to my plea. 

You made me bold within myself; 

With new resolve you strengthened me. 

4 O LORD, let all earth's king give praise, 

when from your mouth they hear your word. 

5 Let them extol the ways of God, 

For great's the glory of the LORD. 

6 Although the LORD God dwells on high, 

The lowly person he protects, 

Whereas the proud and haughty one

He knows afar off and rejects. 

7 Although I walk a troubled path, 

Your tender care preserves my life. 

You raise your hand against my foes; 

You right hand saves me from their strife. 

8 The LORD will certainly fulfil

For me the purposes he commands. 

Your love endures for ever, LORD; 

Preserve the works of your own hands. 

Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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