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Selma (Tune 16).png

1 The fool speaks in his heart;

“There is no God,” he says.

They are corrupt, their deeds are vile;

none walk in godly ways.


2 The LORD looks down from heaven

upon the human race,

To see if any understand, 

if any seek God's face. 

3 They all have turned aside; 

corrupt they have become. 

Not one of them does any good - 

no, not a single one. 

4 Will sinners never learn? 

My people they've devoured 

As if they were consuming bread; 

they never seek the LORD. 

5 Struck down they are with dread, 

for God is with the just. 

6 You evildoers shame the poor, 

but in the LORD they trust. 

7 May help from Zion come, 

the LORD his captives bring! 

And then let Jacob's tribes rejoice; 

Let Isr'el gladly sing.  

Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms', Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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