Selma (Tune 16).png

1 The LORD said to my Lord: 

"Sit here at my right hand, 

Until I make your foes a stool 

on which your feet may stand." 


2 The LORD will make your reign

extend from Zion's hill; 

with royal power you'll rule among 

those who oppose your will. 


3 When you display your power, 

your power flock to you; 

at dawn, arrayed in holiness 

your youth will come like dew.   

4 Unchangeably the LORD 

with solemn purpose swore: 

"Just like Melchizedek you are 

a priest for evermore." 

5 The Lord's at your right hand; 

there he will ever stay. 

He on his day of wrath will crush 

the kings who bar his way. 


6 The nations he will judge; 

the dead in heaps will lie. 

the mighty of the earth he'll crush - 

all who his rule defy. 


7 A brook beside the way

his thirst will satisfy; 

and, thus refreshed, he will with joy

lift up his head on high. 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland.