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20 "I have sought out my faithful servant, David; 

I have anointed him with sacred oil. 

21 My hand will surely strengthen and sustain him; 

my arm will give him power for his toil 

22 "No enemy will force him to pay tribute; 

no wicked one will ever bring him low. 

23 For I will crush his enemies before him; 

I will annihilate his every foe. 

24 "My faithful love will be with him for ever; 

his power will be exalted through my name. 

25 His right hand I will set above the rivers; 

his rule upon the sea I will proclaim.

26 "He will declare to me, 'You are my Father; 

you are my Rock, my saviour and my God.' 

27 As my firstborn I also will appoint him, 

supreme among all kings on earth abroad. 

28 "I will maintain my love to him for ever; 

my covènant with him will never fail. 

29 His line for evermore I will establish; 

while heaven lasts, his kingdom will prevail. 

30 "But if his sons forsake my laws and statutes

31 and violate my covènant command, 

32 I'll punish with the rod all their transgression, 

their sin with blows inflicted by my hand. 

33 "But I will never take my love from David; 

my faithfulness I never will betray. 

34 Nor will I ever violate my covenant 

or alter what I said in any way.

35 "Once have I sworn in holiness to David - 

I will not lie to him - I will declare 

36 that David's line for ever will continue, 

and on his throne he'll always have an heir. 

"His throne will ever flourish in my presence; 

it will continue like the sun on high. 

37 I'll make it certain, like the moon in heaven, 

which is a faithful witness in the sky." 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland.

Melody and Harmony Copyright Free Church of Scotland