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PS. 130 (Martyrdom).png

1 LORD, from the depths I call to you; 

Lord, hear me from on high 

and give attention to my voice 

when I for mercy cry. 

3 LORD, in your presence who can stand, 

if you our sins record? 

4 But yet forgiveness is with you, 

that we may fear you, LORD.

5 I wait - my soul waits - for the LORD; 

my hope is in his word. 

6 More than the watchman waits for dawn

my soul waits for the Lord. 

7 O Isr'el, put your hope in God, 

for mercy is with him

8 And full redemption.  From their sins

his people he'll redeem. 

Lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland

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