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Psalm 127

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1 Unless the LORD builds up the house, 

its builders toil in vain; 

Unless he keeps the city safe, 

they vainly watch maintain. 

2 In vain you rise before the dawn

and late hours vainly keep 

that you may toil for food to eat - 

he gives his loved ones sleep. 

3 Sons are a precious heritage

a blessing from the LORD; 

the children that are born to us

are truly his reward. 

4 Like arrows in a warrior's hand

are children of one's youth. 

5 The man whose quiver's full of them 

is blessed by God in truth. 

Such men will not be put to shame - 

that will not be their fate - 

when they contend against their foes 

who face them in the gate. 

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

Psalm 128

Tallis Canon (172)
Tallis Canon

1 How blessed are all who fear the LORD, 

who walk the way that he has shown.

2 Success and blessing will be yours; 

You'll eat the fruit that you have grown.  

3 Your wife will be a fruitful vine; 

and round your table will be placed

your children like young olive shoots.

4 Thus he who fears the Lord is blessed. 

5 May you behold Jerus'lem's good; 

From Zion may God's blessing flow. 

6 Your children's children may you see. 

May God on Isr'el peace bestow! 

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