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1 "To the LORD's house!" they were calling, 

and with joy I went with them. 

2 Now at last our feet are standing

in your gates, Jerusalem. 

3 See, Jerus'lem, like a city

built compactly, close and strong. 

4 That is where the tribes assemble, 

tribes which to the LORD belong. 

To the LORD's name praise they offer, 

as for Israèl decreed. 

5 There are set the thrones for judgment, 

thrones of David's royal seed. 

6 Pray for Zion's peace and safety: 

"May your friends securely dwell; 

7 Peace within your walls continue, 

strength within your citadel."

8 For the sake of friends and brothers, 

"Peace be in you," I will say.

9 For the sake of our God's temple, 

I seek your prosperity.

lyrics from 'Sing Psalms'. Copyright Free Church of Scotland. 

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